Babar Khan Akhunzada

Hello, I'm Babar Khan Akhunzada

Ethical Hacker. | Security Researcher. | Pentester. | Bug Hunter. |Web Developer. |Entrepreneur

Skype: Babar1337Khan
Peshawar , KPK , Pakistan

Babar Khan Akhunzada

Ethical Hacker. | Security Researcher. | Pentester. | Bug Hunter. |Web Developer. |Entrepreneur


Ethical Hacking
Security Research
Penetration Testing
Social Media
Web Development

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I am a Young dynamic, serious and motivated person with a long experience on the Web Based Domains and Software Based projects. I am also passionate about creative and innovative work especially when it is related to the Information Technologies and Information Security You can Check my recent work, and all fields related to it.
I’m 15 and currently based in Pakistan .In Spare Time i Play Squash + Cricket + Love Tech Chat Every time

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Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessments is how i will identify the presence in your site of any of the several site vulnerabilities that have been distinguished by the computerized security industry throughout the years. (Web Apps , Servers , Softwares). Moreover you can see my work which i have done for my local/international customer's

Penetration Testing

In Penetration testing, i aggressively test for both known and previously unknown weaknesses in your website’s architecture exactly like an expert hacker would do. i already Pentested More than 120+ Companies .

Source Code Audit

In source code audit of the application which can be a threat for the application security over the web, and can compromise the security of the application. I can fix out the real-time issues regarding Template Designs, Wordpress, Joomla , Manual Designs I can provide my best configuration services with fast connection. I can fix your web

Server Hardening

Hey is your server runs easy , In any case, are you certain about Security of your Server ? I can protect your server from latest Attacks that may harm you easily.

Responsive design

I can create Responsive design for your Need Base . Wordpress , Joomla , HTML , CSS .


Need Support ? Really ? If anyone wants my consultancy serives approach through my contact. I'll be happy to support you.

I'm currently available for freelance work, off-shore model, in-contact model.

I'm currently working on different projects. I love to do freelance work, off-shore model, in-contact client's work. If you want my services you can appraoch me. I would love to work for you.

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My education and experience.


Diploma in Information Technology

I completed my professional diploma in IT from NAV-TEC., My major fields were UX Design, Web Design, Entrepreneurship, Tech in Business , Networking , Security


2014- 2015

Industrial Control System Cyber Emergency Response Team

I completed Industrial Control System CERT , Certification from US top Security Org , and learn about Cyber Security , Industrial CERT System , Cyber Maintenance , CERT

HomeLand Security

2013- 2014

Maintaining Cyber Security

I studied "Maintaining Cyber Security" at US University online Course in which i learn Ethics , Maintaining Cyber Security , New Attacks , Securing ,Defending

DeVry University

2014- 2015

Certified Ethical Hacker v8

Being a Pentester , i think CEH is a Good step to start the Beginning, and Really good to get a Kick Start , my main focus was on Ethics , Web Security , New Apps , New Attacks , Networking , Secure Audit



Microsoft Certified Technology Associate

i completed my professional Certification from Microsoft as MTA (IT Professional) and now i am Certified in Windows , Networks , Security , Configuration of Microsoft Products



Cisco Certified NetworkAssociate

Being a Pentester , i think i should also know about Networking + Security of Networks in study of CCNA i learn much about OSI, TCP/IP, TCP vs. UDP, vlans, Routing and Basic Troubleshooting




Security Researcher

I pentested Adobe for Security Vulnerabilities , and i found vulnerabilities in their products and got Acknowledgement at their Hall of Fame Page



Security Analyst

I worked for Apple as Security Analyst and Pentested their products for Security Bugs , and Acknowledged at their Hall Of Fame Page



Security Researcher

I worked with NOKIA as well for finding security bugs in their web apps and Acknowledged at their Hall Of Fame for Security Researcher Page



Security Researcher

I am Acknowledged by MICROSOFT as Security Researcher in their Security Researchers Hall Of Fame Page


2014- 2015

Click Here for All Acknowledgements List

Click if you want to see all companies i worked with and Acknowledged

Data Security Analyst

I joined letsBrik one year ago and i happy to work with them and i am sure i will continue it to make BEST of the BEST


2014- 2015(Present)

Web Application Pentesting Instructor

I teach Web Application Pentesting at Dreamer Soft Lab ,. a Great Place for youth to get start in Cyber Security and we teach them from core of our heart

Dreamer Soft LAB


Senior Member / Founding Memeber

I joined Pakistan Info Sec Association in 2014 , to aware Student , People , Employees , from Cyber Security by training them on Different topics of Cyber Security


2014- 2015(Present)

Ambassador of RIPHAH University

i am Ambassador of RIPHAH University in my City and managing Cyber Security Related events there , to provide best knowledge to every one

RIPHAH University


Ambassador at thePeshawar

thePeshawar is an Educational portal for all , We support Education for Every one, Anywhere, and i am doing my job to share our message to every one there.



Application Pentester

I worked for Florida Based Company , and Pentested their VOIP configuration and Web Apps , for vulnerabilities and bugs .



Youth Assembly Member

I am Member at National Youth Assembly , to support Youth , Entrepreneurship, Tech For Youth

National Youth Assembly

2014- 2015

Student Ambassador

I am Student Ambassador at MOZILA , to share Mozila Products with Students and to teach them how they can get Benefits from it .



Cyber Security Seminars

I gave Brief notes on my interested fields at FAST NATIONAL University to Software Eng , Computer Science Students , Main topics are Web Apps , Social Security , Self Defense

FAST National Uni

2014- 2015

Technical Sessions

I Gave an Explained Note on Technical Security topics at National University of Science and Technology , to Events Attendees on topics of Recent Security Attacks , New Attacks , SSL , HeartBleed , and Many More



Participated in Capture the Flag

I and My Team Mate secured 2nd Position in CTF 2015 Hacking Competition in Cyber Secure Pakistan 2015



Contact Me

Drop me a line or give me a ring. I love to hear you.

If you need any service regarding Pentesting , Vulnerability Assessment , Server Hardening , Technical Session, UX Design, HTML5/CSS3/, don't hesistate to contact me.